EHOS Syndicates are formed by horses owned by EHOS, as such a member is entitled to benefits such as voting rights and prizemoney. Experience Syndicates are when the horse remains in private ownership. Although members receive similar benefits they do not include any formal ownership, voting rights or prizemoney entitlement. Please see our terms and conditions for full details.

EHOS share the costs amongst a large group of owners (usually approximately 2,000 shares). Therefore, all of the costs are shared, meaning you can be a real owner for a fraction of the usual cost!

No, the price listed per share is a one-off cost for the full syndicate period, with no further commitment.

No, there is no monthly fee. All of the costs are covered by the initial one-off cost. There is no further commitment.

Initially, you will receive a welcome pack and share certificate. During your time as an owner, benefits include weekly updates, competition videos, free stable visits, a monthly newsletter, priority access to EHOS training clinic’s and more.

Yes, a share in an EHOS horse makes a great gift. You can select whether the welcome pack goes to you or straight to the recipient, and you can also specify a date to ensure we don’t contact the recipient until after a certain date has passed.

No, each share must be registered in the name of an individual only

You will receive a training update via the members section of the website at least once a week, this could be a written update, training video or riders speaking to the camera depending on what your horse has been up to. We aim to record as much competition footage from all three phases as possible, this will be uploaded as soon as possible after the event.

Given that a horse is a living being, anything can happen and quite often does. Therefore, there can never be any guarantee that any horse will make it to a competition. Whilst we only buy horses that we believe can compete to a high standard, there are no guarantees that a horse will reach our expectations. We keep owners fully informed throughout the journey.

We will inform owners as soon as we receive an entry update. EHOS places no restriction on the number of entries that a rider may make, and each rider can choose any competition, no matter how far it is from his/her yard. This policy (although expensive) gives the rider the luxury of choice. Each event has a ballot date at which point riders will know if their entry has been accepted. This can vary from event to event but is usually a few weeks prior. Furthermore, even if the horse is accepted to compete, something may go wrong and the horse may be withdrawn from the competition at short notice

Yes, we arrange organised stable visits to all of our riders. Although we are unable to offer bespoke visits, we hope that all owners will be able to attend one of our organised visits. More information will be announced to all owners.

Most events are free to attend and we welcome all owners along to watch their horse compete. Where there is complimentary admission for owners, tickets will be allocated via a ballot. Even if you are not lucky enough to receive an owners’ ticket many of our owners still choose to attend the event by purchasing their own admission tickets to watch their horse.

EHOS aims to provide a meeting point for all members at each event where we have a horse competing. This will be communicated to members in advance of the day.

Members are not permitted to gather at the rider’s lorry, even if they are in possession of an owners ticket. When possible a meeting point will be arranged by a EHOS representative for attending members to meeting with the rider.

Yes, you will receive one chance in any ballot for every share that you own in that horse.

We have a great relationship with a large number of some of the top riders in the UK. We will place a horse with a rider based on a number of factors, including where we believe the horse will progress in the best possible way.

Given that a horse is a living being, anything can happen and quite often does. Therefore, there can never be any guarantee that any horse will make it to competitions. The horse still requires lots of care and attention when injured (sometimes with large vet bills). Therefore, no refund can be provided if a horse doesn’t make it to any competitions. If the syndicate is ended early, then a pro-rata refund will be provided of all costs, excluding any capital costs.

No, a share purchase cannot be changed to a different horse after purchase but you are welcome to buy into more than one horse.

All EHOS Syndicate horses are covered for mortality insurance, with a theft extension and a loss of use policy. Therefore, the syndicate would be able to make a claim in the event of the death or theft of the horse, at any point during the syndicate term. In the event of a claim, all funds received would be distributed amongst the syndicate owners, in accordance with the number of shares held. In Experience Syndicates it is the responsibility of the private owner to hold what insurance they feel necessary.

All EHOS horses have a set syndicate term, which usually lasts for approximately 12 months, although this can vary. Towards the end of the term, owners will receive a report from the rider and the EHOS team, specifying the horse’s prospects going forward and a recommendation on whether we believe the horse should continue into another season, giving everyone the chance to renew for a further term. Owners are not obliged to renew their share(s) if they don’t wish to; it’s completely their choice. Once the syndicate term ends, any relinquished share(s) will automatically be released for sale. If a low number of owners decide to renew their shares, the syndicate may be re-structured (see Terms and Conditions), or the horse may potentially be sold. If the syndicate does not continue into an extended period, any renewal payment for that new period will be refunded.

The renewal price for EHOS Syndicates will be calculated based on the estimated costs for the new syndicate term with a discount applied to renewing members. Experience Syndicates are agreed with the private owner(s) on an annual basis and may increase to reflect the horses level ans ability.

Horse welfare is our top priority. We are extremely passionate about the welfare of all of our horses, and will always ensure that any horse retired from EHOS is given a loving home when they retire.

You can change your email address and mobile number via our website, after you have logged in (on the Account page). If you need to change your name or postal address, please email us at

Prize money in Eventing is very limited, particularly at the lower levels. Any owners share of prize money won at Intermediate level and below will be utilised to purchase “treats” and supplies for the horse. All owners share of prize money won at Advanced or International Level of competition is distributed amongst the Members of the syndicate concerned at the end of each syndicate term. 

Please note this is not applicable to experience syndicates.

Your certificate will not be posted until the point that the syndicate is confirmed as going ahead. If you haven’t received it within 10 days of this confirmation, please contact us.

No, due to the strictly limited numbers, winners will be given one ticket only (it is NOT possible to take a guest in with you). However, any guests can usually purchase a general admission ticket, but they wouldn’t be able to access the owner areas at the event.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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